Who are Carers’ Support (Bexley)

Carers’ Support (Bexley) is an independent registered charity who is supported by London Borough of Bexley and Royal Borough of Greenwich. We have a team of trained staff and volunteers who provide a wide range of information, support and respite services to local adult carers residing in the Bexley and Greenwich boroughs.

Are you a Carer?

A carer is anyone who provides unpaid care for a family member, partner, child, friend or neighbour who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction could not cope without their support. The term carer should not be confused with a care worker, or care assistant, who receives payment for looking after someone.

Carers come from all walks of life and all cultures and can be of any age from children to adults. Many people don’t recognise themselves as carers and as a result can miss out on the various rights, benefits and support which may help them in their role. For many carers, caring can be a rewarding and positive experience, however, there are times when carers need extra support.  Carers’ Support (Bexley) is here to help you if you are an adult carer.  You can view our information video at the bottom of  this page which will explain how we can help you.  We also have information videos on Financial and Mental Health Support and the Carers Assessment.

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