How can Carers Support (Bexley) and Professionals work together to support unpaid carers?

As a Professional, you will meet, or recognise unpaid carers as part of your everyday activity. We are asking for your help in referring or signposting those unpaid carers to Carers Support (Bexley), so they can access the support they are entitled to.

What to do if you identify an unpaid carer?

Family and friend carers do not always recognise themselves in a caring role. Quite often, it takes someone like you to spot the signs, and highlight to them that the help and support they provide to someone else may mean that they are a carer. We know that supporting carers early in their caring journey is key to preventing carer breakdown. This could be the beginning of their carer journey.

Once you have identified someone as a carer, what can you do?

If you feel they are unlikely to seek help for themselves, refer them to Carers’ Support (Bexley) for up-to-date information and advice on local services or emotional and practical support. You can refer the Carer by telephone on: 020 8302 8011 or by email: After gaining consent you only need to provide the Carer’s name, address and telephone number and we will contact them and find out all the other information we need.

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